Which Tablet Will Prevail?

With the tablet race gathering pace, we’ve decided to do an initial review of the products on the market and due to come on the market.

So Blackberry have announced their rival to the iPad. The PlayBook. Due out in early 2011 in the US with an international release due later in the year. The PlayBook is smaller and lighter than the iPad but does it measure up? It will have a seven inch screen, making it half the size of the iPad, and weight of 0.9 pounds compared to Apples 1.5. A major benefit though will be the inclusion of two cameras, front and back, rumoured to be included on iPad 2.0.

The PlayBook will be able to act as a second larger screen for the Blackberry, a major innovation over the iPhone, through a secure short range wireless link, with no sensitive data being lost when the connection is severed. Outside of wifi, the PlayBook will pick up 3G through your Blackberry. The screens small size coiled be limitation between the one fingered typing of a smartphone compared with the comfortable and easy typing on the iPad 9.7 inch screen. There’s no standalone 3G and by the time of release, they’ll be plenty of other tablets running the brilliant android system.
On the other hand, the PlayBook will run flash, making the internet a much more positive experience than the iPad. With VLC now available on the iPad, you can ta leats now play other formats of your downloaded videos but flash videos on the net are still a big miss. The problem lies in the fact that Apple already have a huge advantage over others looking to get into the tablet market, many business users already bring their own ipads into the business so this is going to be a hard fought battle to break that initial dominance.

With a prediction that 11% of overall shipments of tablet computers will be used by businesses, government agencies or schools by 2014, there is significant growth potential in this market.

The iPad sold 3 million units in 80 days, can the others compete? It’ll be interesting to find out.

The samsung galaxy tab has an estimated price of £200, a 7 inch screen, two cameras and a slot for expandable memory. The galaxy will allow video calling and mobile calls, and with the ability to play flash, it looks a great competitor.

The HP slate/Palm Pad has an estimated price of £350 and is rumoured to run windows 7 or palms webOS mobile OS. Details leaked show a 8.9 inch screen running windows 7. Again, two cameras are available, including one having the ability to record video.

The Nokia Ink Adam has an estimated price of £260 but is unlikely to make a large dent in the market due to Nokia’s shrinking market share across the board. What could be a big benefit though is the 10.1 inch screen pixel QI transflective screen, capable of recognising six separate points of contact. And specifically designed to be easily readable in sunlight. It will also include a 3 megapixel camera with a patented swivel action.

And finally the Toshiba Folio, £329, 10.1 inch display with a 1024×600 resolution and 3G potential. It has a poor 1.3 megapixel front facing camera a runs an adapted Android system but no access to the Android App market. But yet again, this device offers full compatibility with Adobe Flash.

All in all, I only see the PlayBook seriously rivalling the iPad. Apple need to remember their products aren’t infallible. The iPad needs to play flash, needs a camera, and almost certainly needs multitasking which will hopefully come with the new iOS for iPad. A major benefit could easily be included by allowing the user to link their iPhone to their iPad on the move much like the PlayBook.



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