PADACS Toccata iPad Keyboard Folio Case

Over the past few months I’ve seen quite a few of me2 versions of keyboard folio cases for iPad and I must say I haven’t been impressed with their overall quality or their functionality. Most are of poor construction and their keyboard don’t easily sync up with the iPad and typing can be difficult.

After receiving the PADACS Toccata iPad case for review recently from I was pleasantly suprised. At last, a company has got it right. Slim, good looking and hits all the right spots.

Made of high quality synthetic leather which looks just like the real thing and weighing suprisingly little, I have been taking this case everywhere with me and receiving compliments on it’s quality. The keyboard syncs seamlessly with the iPad and with over 45 hours of battery life from just one charge you needn’t worry about bashing out long emails or even essays and dissertations, it also switches itself off when not in use. The iPad screen can be angled at quite a few angles to adjust to your sitting position.

The case shuts with a magnet and the keyboard itself is rubberized silicone, a big no-no for some, but I found it of high quality and really easy to use and good enough to keep a reasonable typing flow. The keyboard also includes a line of F keys, with volume control, music controls and even a home button.

This case is a great solution for those looking to convert their iPad into a ultra portable laptop and can be bought at the very reasonable price of £64.99 at with free delivery.


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