LMP Bluetooth Numerical kEYPAD

Just got the standard Apple Keyboard? Do you crave a numerical keypad for data input or just the ease of having the numbers in one easy spot?

ExecSpot.com have provided me with the solution for a review, the LMP Bluetooth Numerical Keypad. And it can be used with Mac and MacBook alike! The keypad is made of a strikingly convincing solid plastic construction and the key responsiveness is fantastic.

With page up and down keys and F14 through F17 this keypad is ideal for any Mac user looking to do some intensive typing or numerical work and I must say nicely fills a gap Apple should have filled themselves.

Priced at £39.99 from ExecSpot.com this is an ideal product to complement you mac setup and ease your workload. I know there’s quite a few of you out there struggliung to get this item and ExecSpot.com have a very reasonable £10 international shipping charge.


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