Amazon Says Many iPad Owners Also Have Kindle Hardware

So here’s an interesting fun fact: It appears that many tablet owners also have an Amazon Kindle, which the e-tailer announced was their best-selling product of all time earlier this week.

AppleInsider is reporting that Amazon’s Kindle hardware had a boffo Christmas, with the online retailer claiming the third-generation e-reader is now the best-selling product in the company’s history. The Kindle stole the top spot from the popular book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is a huge feat for a device costing a lot more.

While the company as usual didn’t disclose any actual sales figures, they did note an interesting statistic about their Kindle owners — it appears many of them also have tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad.

“We’re seeing that many of the people who are buying Kindles also own an LCD tablet,” Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said. “Customers report using their LCD tablets for games, movies, and web browsing and their Kindles for reading sessions.

“They report preferring Kindle for reading because it weighs less, eliminates battery anxiety with its month-long battery, and has the advanced paper-like Pearl e-ink display that reduces eye-strain, doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns at bedtime, and works outside in direct sunlight, an important consideration especially for vacation reading.”

It should be noted that Amazon didn’t specifically mention the iPad by name, although it’s widely acknowledged by this point that Apple’s tablet is the current leader in that market. The iPad, as well as any number of smartphones and tablets based on Google’s Android, already have a perfectly good Amazon Kindle app, which is also available on Mac and Windows.

Amazon also revealed that the 8GB iPod touch was among the best-selling electronics this holiday season. Apple’s Mac mini was the last product ordered from Amazon in time for the company’s Local Express Delivery service — after being ordered at 1:41 pm on Christmas Eve, the computer was delivered to a likely happy customer in Woodinville, Washington the same evening at 8:04 pm.

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