Crux360 Clamshell Keyboard Case for iPad by CruxCase

The case we’ve been waiting for… it doesn’t officially launch until March but we’ve had a sneak peek and it’s brilliant. Quite possibly the best iPad Keyboard case we’ve seen to date.

The Crux360 has a brilliant finish and a high quality construction offering four modes of use.

1) Laptop Mode, which allows use of the keyboard.

2) Movie Mode — great for watching videos, playing games, or just surfing the Internet.

3) Tablet Mode — great for reading books or magazines.

4) Carry Mode. When not in use the Crux360™ closes up and protects your iPad’s® screen from nicks and scratches. The Crux360™ does all of this while still allowing you access to all the ports and buttons on the iPad®.

The Crux360™ is great for students and road warriors who need the portability of the tablet computer and the functionality of a laptop. The Crux 360 case isn’t a normal iPad case, because it can helps to turn your Apple iPad into a netbook with physical keyboard.

With this case, you can do some serious typing/sending emails, writing papers, or doing professional blogging work, also easy to use. You just need to slip the iPad directly into the case, and pair the bluetooth keyboard with it. You also can even disable the keyboard and use the iPad as normal, but with a kickstand.

The Crux 360 is weighing at just 1.8 pounds Transform your keyboard-less slab of an iPad into an honest-to-goodness notebook, thanks to this clever Crux360 case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard.

If you’re haunted by the echoing laughter of netbook users who mock your iPad for being an expensive toy which is only good for playing Angry Birds and fart apps, this is the perfect answer.

With movie stand and tablet orientations, as well as offering protection when shut, this is easily the coolest iPad accessory we’ve come across.

Available at for £99.99 with only £10 international shipping, we highly recommend reserving yours now!


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